Global Species


The great white is truly a global species…

Global GWS

Global Range of the Great White: still frame by Frima FX

Its territory stretches throughout the North and South Pacific,  across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and even into the Mediterranean…

Tagging is beginning to reveal the secrets of their epic journeys around the globe.

Famously, a shark tagged off South Africa by shark scientist Ramon Bonfil, was seen to cross the Indian Ocean from Africa, to Australia, and then travel back again.

Sharks tagged by Dr Chris Lowe and other researchers based at Cal State University, and also by Dr Mauricio Hoyas in Guadalupe, are seen to travel towards Hawaii and the mid Northern Pacific to a region dubbed “Shark Cafe”. Only now are scientists beginning to interpret this data and speculate as to where Northern Pacific White Sharks mate, gestate or give birth. Pregnant females are often sighted off Guadalupe, but mating and birthing has never been observed: so much of the Great Whites real life remains a mystery.

Shark Cafe

Shark tagging data by Cal State University reveals “Shark Cafe”: still frame by Frima FX

Shark scientists today are spearheading new discoveries on an annual basis: Dr Malcolm Francis and New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) have only recently discovered that the sharks of New Zealand dive to depths of over 4000 feet, in the “Ditch” a chasm that separates New Zealand and Australia. Great Whites at these depths were previously unheard of; no one yet knows why they do this…

Check out the NIWA tagging programme on their website…


New Zealand record holding deep diver: photo Luke Cresswell