Sep 052015
NZ 4

We just found this news snippet at the Cape Cod News website, it seems we can thank the presence of sharks in the Cape Cod Area for Great White Shark 3D’s continued run at the New England Aquarium in Boston:

Sharks on Cape Cod Help Aquarium’s IMAX Attendance



“The New England Aquarium’s Simon’s IMAX Theatre has been recognized as the number one venue in the world for attendance to the giant screen movie ‘Great White Shark 3D’.

Over 240,000 people have seen the movie at the New England Aquarium, which is also shown at over 75 aquariums.”

Apparently the film stays on the screen there due to popular demand, perhaps influenced by the “great white shark presence on Cape Cod”.

And with Labor Day weekend upon the US, we have a Jaws style news item over at WTVC NewsChannel 9 which says increased Great White sightings are causing concern for visitors to Cape Cod (23 sighted this summer).

Great news for sharks, and great news for us…

thanks to David Marks for spotting this item!