Oct 152013

Great White Shark 3D had a successful launch at the GSCA in Ottawa this September, and more theatres will be bringing the ocean’s greatest predator to screens around the world soon…

In the meantime, this article in the Indianapolis Monthly “Great White Shark Film in IMAX Halts ‘Shark Week’ Mayhem” shows how our film is an antidote to the manipulative “sharksploitation” that happens all too often in the world’s media. Writer Jonathan Scott bemoans the current state of shark programming on television and the way in which the media exploits our very real fascination with these creatures…

‘This smartly paced 3D documentary experience now showing at the Indiana State Museum comes across as a 40-minute visual love letter to Carcharodon carcharias, “the predator we love to fear.” It’s narrated by English actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Shaun of the Dead, Underworld), who lends a stately calm to the proceedings. As much as he can, anyway, based on the creative introductory credits and amazing footage of these graceful, sleek animals flipping and leaping out of the water. If I have any criticism of the film, it’s that I wished for a longer run time.’

Read the rest of the article here.


Another article just surfaced, this time in Norwalk, Connecticut, in the Connecticut Post. The article is title “Dispelling the Horror Movie Myth of  JAWS” and features an interview with GWS featured scientist, Chris Lowe:

‘”One hundred years ago, people were deathly afraid of whales because all they knew was that they killed people. Most people never saw whales, but they would hear about fishermen who died … when they were trying to kill whales,” he said.

“Somewhere along the line, the PR for whales went from them being dangerous to having to protect them. If we could that with whales, why not with sharks?,” Lowe asked.’

Read the entire article here.