Sep 112012

Only two weeks after our shoot off the coast of LA, where several juveniles were spotted, one captured, tagged and released and another captured for the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, a juvenile White Shark was hooked by a fisherman on Manhattan Beach Pier. It made headline news:

MANHATTAN BEACH ( — A fisherman on the Manhattan Beach pier got a big surprise Tuesday when he reeled in a great white shark.

It happened just before 5 p.m. at the hugely popular spot for swimmers and surfers.

Eric Martin, the director of the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium in Manhattan Beach, witnessed the rare sight.

“I basically said, ‘Holy crap, that’s a great white shark,’” said Martin.”

Read all about it and watch the video on the Los Angeles CBS Local website.

The truth is that this area is a hot spot for juvenile White Sharks, and probably has been for much longer than Los Angeles has existed. The ocean is a wilderness, no matter how close it is to the city, and it is the territory of wildlife: sea lions, pelicans, dolphins, rays and white sharks… It’s strange that this should be reported almost as if a Wolf was spotted on Rodeo Drive… why should that be? The frisson of “Great White Shark” is always newsworthy…

LA by Sea: watch for fins…