May 302013

Preview screenings for press and invited audiences have begun this week in earnest in Montreal, with freediver William Winram and safety diver Francois Leduc in attendance. Screenings have been in both French and original English versions, with parties of schoolchildren also invited to witness Great White shark in 3D on the giant screen at Montreal Science Center.

It was William and Francois’ first opportunity to see the film and afterwards William reported: “The film is amazing!!! – I think it is a wonderful tribute to a beautiful and powerful predator and gives the viewer a much more honest look at this misunderstood animal.”

William, fresh from setting a new world record last weekend, was invited with Francois to appear on the morning TV chat show “Salut Bonjour” to talk about freediving, breaking world records and to promote the film. The interview can also be seen online on the Salut Bonjour site.


Here’s William being interviewed at the press preview in the Science Center:


and Francois Leduc:


Montreal also have a video about their shark exhibit on their YouTube channel.

With another event lined up for Saturday June 1st, and the official opening the previous day, it all added up to an exciting launch week in Montreal!