May 232013
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The wait is over, for those of you who may have been waiting…

Great White Shark opens this weekend in the following theatres:

In Tampa, on an Imax Dome screen:

Museum of Science and Industry

In New Orleans, in 1570 film 3D:

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

At the Tennessee Aquarium in Chatanooga in 1570 3D:
Tennessee Aquarium

Incidentally, while you’re at the Tennessee Aquarium, check out the “Blue Water, White Death” Shark Cage, designed by the film’s director Peter Gimbel.

A similar cage was used to capture the underwater scenes for “Great White Shark 3D.” D.J. Roller, the film’s director of underwater photography, said the cage used for “Great White Shark 3D” was built based on Gimbel’s design. “It’s very much like the one you have at the Aquarium,” said Roller. “It has buoyancy chambers so we could drive it up and down in the water column. If people step into your cage, they have a sense of what we used.”


Field Museum Chicago Photo Don Kempf

In Chicago in a special 23 min digital 3d version:
The Field Museum

Spokane, Washington is showing Great White Shark in 2D on a giant screen:

Riverfront Park

And at next weeks launch in Montreal,  they have some special events lined up, featuring one of the freedivers in the film, William Winram, and the safety diver who was swimming with them, Montreal based Francois Leduc. It will be screened there as a 1570 film 3D on the giant screen in both English and French versions…

Montreal Science Center

One of the events in Montreal is a special shark conservation fund raising event, on June 1st. If you want to know more, William Winram’s site can tell you all about it…

Montreal is also hosting a shark exhibit for the summer season: Shark, Predator or Prey?