May 262013
Winram_during_94m_bifins_cwt_WR Copyright Lia Barrett

Winram_during_94m_bifins_cwt_WR Copyright Lia Barrett

We’d like to congratulate William Winram, one of the free-divers who tags Great White Sharks in our film, for breaking yet another world record this weekend!

“William set a world record yesterday morning, Saturday May 25, by diving 94 meters with bi-fins, in the discipline of constant weight.

What you have to know is that bi-fin dives in competitive freediving have practically been abandonned since 2003, competitors having switched to monofins because it’s easier.

By going to that depth with bi-fins, William has taken the sport to a new level.”

Frederic Buyle had this to say about his shark tagging partner:

“After being the first to freedive the Dhab Arch without fins, Old-Timer-Balls-Of-Steel Winram showed again who’s the boss for real freediving. Massive respect.”

You can read more about the dive on the  Freedive Toronto site: “After a few warm-up dives and some rest he left the surface for a historic 94 meter bi-fins dive. Looking relaxed and not too fast of the surface we saw him sinking into the deep blue.”

And in much more depth (for once, no pun intended) on William’s site…

…and everyone at GWS3D can’t thank him enough for his immaculate timing in setting this new record on Great White Shark’s opening weekend!